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Riitta Uosukainen, Speaker Emeritus of the Finnish Parliament, Licentiate of Philosophy

I have had the pleasure to have become acquainted with Marja-Leena Pengermä during my term as the Speaker of the Finnish Parliament from 1994 to 2003. During that time – for nearly a decade - Marja-Leena Pengermä worked as a Russian interpreter for the benefit of the entire Parliament in numerous situations and in an extremely professional manner.

During this period the Finnish Parliament was advancing relations with the Lower House of the Russian Parliament (Duma) as well as with the Upper House (Federal Council). Parliamentary development was, and is, the foundation for all development. Hence it was crucial that the principal issues could be effortlessly discussed with the greatest confidentiality between the speakers, MPs, and officials.

Naturally, in these kinds of situation the interpreter’s work is essential. Repeated meetings, both in Russia and in Finland, were easily conducted. Speakers of the Duma Mr. Rybkin and Mr. Seleznjov, as well as the speakers of the Federal Council Mr. Shumeiko, Mr. Stroyev and Mr. Mironov along with their delegations had open and trusting relations with their Finnish colleague and her delegation. Progress was made in Helsinki, Moscow, and for example in the Republic of Komi in Russia. The meetings in St. Petersburg, Vienna, and Strasbourg were facilitated by the parliamentary ground-laying work. The visit President Vladimir Putin made to the Finnish Parliament, as well as the discussions that took place during that visit, were of particular importance.

Marja-Leena Pengermä proved herself to be an outstanding interpreter and translator. Strong command of the language – both Finnish and Russian – gave the discussions particular confidence which stemmed from her good knowledge of the both cultures which, as a philologist, I see as an important thing to point out.

Marja-Leena Pengermä executed her interpreter’s duties transparently, with the greatest confidence. Her demeanor was natural and discreet – suitable for the parliamentary and diplomatic contexts.

After my term as the Speaker of the Parliament of Finland had ended, I received three letters of thanks from Russia, which all indicated that the collaboration had worked well. Marja-Leena Pengermä also translated those letters as she had done with all of the communication between the Finnish and Russian Parliaments during almost the entire preceding decade.

I recommend Marja-Leena Pengermä for assignments in which her gifts can be put to use.

Riitta Uosukainen
Speaker Emeritus of the Finnish Parliament
Licentiate of Philosophy


The research department of the Bank of Finland has been working closely with the Central Bank of Russia on education projects for a decade. During this time dozens of Russian specialists have studied monetary policy and investment market issues in various training sessions offered by the Bank of Finland. This work could not have been accomplished without high quality interpreting and translation services which could handle even the most demanding economic terminology. When it comes to interactive communications the sympathetic approach of an interpreter is a professional skill equally as important as the command of the languages in question. All this we have received from Bitrac. I want to take this opportunity to thank Marja-Leena Pengermä and Bitrac Ltd for extremely flexible, professional, and friendly service over the years, and wish you every success in the future.

Bank of Finland
Juha Tarkka, Ph.D. Political Sciences
Head of the Research Department


During my term as the President of Neste Oy a large part of our foreign business contacts were in the Soviet Union and subsequently Russia. The company routinely purchased crude oil and natural gas from Russia and we participated in a number of substantial oil and gas production projects. The overall volume of Neste Oy’s Russian operations was also increased by the Neste gasoline station network and a terminal for oil products.

An important factor in the success of business negotiations is a skilled interpreter. My collaboration with Marja-Leena Pengermä (Master of Philosophy) grew during the ten years I served as the President of Neste. Mrs. Pengermä was the interpreter at a variety of events, including negotiations with presidents of Russian oil companies, top Russian politicians and government officials in a variety of locations in Russia as well as Finland. During these events Mrs. Pengermä’s excellent understanding of Russia and Russian culture was a great benefit tai advantage. She also frequently interpreted at large banquets and representation events with several hundred participants. During these times her natural and professional conduct was of a great value.

The translating and interpreting agency, Bitrac Oy, founded and owned by Marja-Leena Pengermä, translated our organization’s communication, brochures, and agreements as well as various project documents which often contained demanding technical vocabulary. We could always feel confident knowing that the translations were flawless and of the highest quality.

I can gladly recommend the services of Marja-Leena Pengermä and Bitrac Ltd.

Jaakko Ihamuotila
Vuorineuvos (Finnish honorary title)

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